Better Together: Crypto DeFi Meets Real Estate Airbnb Rent-to-Rent (Rental Arbitrage)

Invest from only $50 (Daily Payout, begining today)

Tap into the synergy of cryptocurrency, and real estate through Airbnb arbitrage (Rent-to-Rent). Experience the revolutionary MyBricks 2.0 platform, offering an incredible 60% APR with payouts available from today. Sit back and enjoy the benefits with a 100% hands-off approach.

Lower Barriers to Entry from Just $50! One-Time Offer with a Remarkable Up to 60% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Start Generating Income Today in the Airbnb Business - A Hands-Off Opportunity!

What is the strategy behind MyBricks, Airbnb, and your investment?

Introducing Rent-to-Rent: A Pathway to Profit

At MyBricks, we have capitalized on the power of a well-established strategy known as Rent-to-Rent in the UK and Rental Arbitrage in the USA. By leasing properties from landlords for extended periods ranging from 3 to 10 years, we guarantee reliable fixed rental payments directly to them. But our innovation doesn't stop there. Simultaneously, we astutely leverage the popularity of platforms like Airbnb to transform these properties into lucrative money-makers. And the most exciting part? Starting today, you will begin receiving prompt payouts right from the get-go!

Yield farming

Investing in our Yield farming, which provides liquidity to our DeFi protocols, does not grant ownership of the physical properties. Instead, you have the opportunity to earn up to 60% APR, which you can withdraw daily, starting from today.

NFT Ownership Redefined

Please note that owning our NFT does not grant ownership of the physical properties. Instead, it bestows exclusive timeshare privileges and rewards within our rent-to-rent framework. As an NFT holder, you have the opportunity to earn up to 60% APR from our protocol while also enjoying discounted stays at our impressive Airbnb portfolio, boasting over 100 properties. However, please keep in mind that these stays are subject to availability. Our properties are currently located in the UK, but we are expanding worldwide. Daily payouts, starting from today.

Unlock a World of Benefits with MyBricks

With just a $50 investment, our Yield farming offers

1. Impressive Returns: Earn up to 60% APR through our protocol, with daily payments, beginning today.

2. Flexibility: Our flexible approach allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they come, with no fixed locking period.

3. Easy Exit: Withdraw your investment whenever you desire.

4. Exclusive Network: Join a community of like-minded property investors.

5. Exciting Roadmap: Future features designed to enhance your investment experience.

Join MyBricks today to experience the rewards of a sophisticated investment strategy made accessible to all.

Sneak peek at the investment dashboard platform

Yield Farming and ROCKS NFT. Let's break down the differences:

1. Yield Farming:

Yield Farming is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) investment strategy where investors provide liquidity to DeFi protocols and, in return, earn rewards or interest on their investments. In the case of MyBricks 2.0, the Yield Farming option allows investors to invest a minimum of $50 and earn up to 60% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with daily payouts. This investment does not grant ownership of physical properties. Instead, investors earn returns through the protocol by providing liquidity.

Key points about Yield Farming on MyBricks 2.0:

- Minimum investment: $50

- Returns: Up to 60% APR with daily payouts

- Ownership: No ownership of physical properties, only protocol rewards

In summary, the main difference between Yield Farming and ROCKS NFT on the MyBricks 2.0 platform is the investment approach and the benefits they offer. Yield Farming is a more accessible option, requiring a minimum investment of $50, and provides APR rewards from the protocol. On the other hand, ROCKS NFT requires a higher one-off investment starting at $500 and offers exclusive timeshare privileges, rewards, and discounted stays through NFT ownership, still without granting ownership of the physical properties.


ROCKS NFT is a different investment option offered by MyBricks 2.0. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which represents ownership of a unique digital asset. In this case, the NFT ownership does not grant ownership of physical properties, but it provides exclusive timeshare privileges and rewards within the rent-to-rent framework. NFT holders have the opportunity to earn up to 60% APR from the protocol and also enjoy discounted stays at the Airbnb portfolio of MyBricks, which includes over 100 properties. However, the availability of these stays is subject to availability. It's important to note that the properties are currently located in the UK, with plans for expansion worldwide.

Key points about ROCKS NFT on MyBricks 2.0:

- NFT Investment: Requires a one-off investment starting at $500

- Returns: Up to 60% APR with potential rewards and discounted stays

- Ownership: NFT ownership does not grant physical property ownership

For the first time, people worldwide can invest in the property market through Defi for as low as $50

  • Accessible property market: MyBricks 2.0 makes property investing accessible worldwide, starting at $200. It offers a higher than average rental yield with a track record of up to 60% APR in 2022.
  • Daily income generation: Receive MyUSD rewards every hours, surpassing traditional real estate investment profits.
  • User-friendly platform: MyBricks 2.0 offers a simple and intuitive interface for a seamless investment experience.
  • Easy to get started: Investors can participate in the new world economy of property and start earning daily payouts in just a few minutes, starting today.

How Do I Get Started?

Click Invest Now Button

Click the upgrade button to instantly unlock the master dashboard. You'll receive an easy tutorial guiding you on how to start collecting daily payouts from your investment.

Exclusive Investor Community

Gain instant access to our exclusive community where you can interact with like-minded property investors. Ask questions, engage with our team, and connect with others who share your investment interests.

Earn and Compound

Start receiving MyUSD rewards every 8 hours and maximize your gains by reinvesting in the Liquidity Pool (LP) or cashing out effortlessly.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • Access to the MyBricks 2.0 platform for property investing
  • Potential returns of up to 60% APR based on the track record
  • No locking period for investments
  • Option to EXIT your investment at anytime
  • Daily payouts, beginning today

One-time Investment

Yield Farming

$ 50


- Up to 60% APR

- Daily Payouts

- Exit your investments at any time

Yield Farming

$ 200


- Up to 60% APR

- Daily Payouts

- Exit your investments at any time



$ 500


- NFT Ownership

- Potential to increase in value over time

- Up to 60% APR

- Daily Payouts

- Sell your investments at any time,

- $50 Yield Farming Stimulus

- Enjoy discounted stays at the Airbnb portfolio of MyBricks, which includes over 100 properties

Making Property Investing Accessible For Everyone

Disclaimer: Any investment made in connection with MyBricks 2.0 is solely at the Participant's own risk. The Company is not liable for any financial loss or other damages that may result from such investment. The Participant should carefully consider all risks before making any investment and should seek professional advice if necessary. The Company makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the value or potential value of the Tokens or the success of the Platform. The Participant is solely responsible for conducting their own due diligence and evaluating the potential risks and rewards associated with investing in Tokens. Please note that ownership of ROCKS NFT does not entitle holders to any physical property ownership. At MyBricks, we employ a rent 2 rent strategy, and ROCKS NFT represents timeshare ownership within this framework. The timeshare ownership grants NFT holders the right to use the rental property, subject to availability, without conferring any legal or financial ownership rights. Kindly refer to the associated agreements and contracts for detailed terms and conditions.